Esker: Streamlining Accounts Payable and Beyond

Esker’s cloud-based document process automation platform empowers businesses to transform their accounts payable (AP) processes and unlock a new level of efficiency, transparency, and control. But Esker goes beyond traditional AP automation, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for the entire source-to-pay (S2P) process.

This article delves into the world of Esker, exploring its core functionalities, benefits, different solutions, and key considerations for implementation. Whether you’re a finance professional seeking to streamline your AP workflow or a business leader looking to optimize your S2P operations, this guide equips you with the knowledge to leverage Esker’s capabilities.

Understanding Esker

At its core, Esker is a cloud-based platform that automates document-centric processes, specifically focusing on the S2P cycle. This includes tasks like:

  • Receiving and capturing invoices (paper or electronic)
  • Extracting data using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Validating and approving invoices for payment
  • Managing supplier communications

Esker leverages various technologies, including AI, machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation (RPA), to automate manual tasks, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency.

Benefits of Esker

Implementing Esker offers a multitude of benefits for businesses:

  • Increased Efficiency: Automating manual tasks like data entry and invoice approval significantly reduces processing times and frees up employee time for more strategic activities.
  • Improved Accuracy: AI-powered data extraction minimizes errors and ensures data accuracy throughout the S2P process.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Esker provides real-time insights into your AP processes, allowing for better cash flow management and informed decision-making.
  • Reduced Costs: Streamlining workflows and minimizing manual efforts lead to significant cost savings in terms of labor, paper handling, and storage.
  • Improved Supplier Relationships: Faster invoice processing and payments improve supplier satisfaction and strengthen relationships.
  • Enhanced Security: Esker’s cloud-based platform ensures secure document storage and access control.

Esker Solutions: Beyond Accounts Payable

While Esker excels in AP automation, its solutions extend beyond streamlining invoices. Here’s a glimpse into the broader S2P suite offered by Esker:

  • Accounts Payable Automation: The core solution automates invoice processing, approval workflows, and payments.
  • Purchase Order Automation: Streamlines the purchase order process, improving communication and collaboration between procurement and suppliers.
  • Spend Management: Provides insights into spending patterns across various departments, enabling better budgeting and cost control.
  • Supplier Management: Improves supplier onboarding, communication, and performance management.
  • E-Procurement: Offers a self-service portal for suppliers to submit invoices and track payment status.

Choosing the Right Esker Solution

The specific Esker solution that best suits your needs depends on your current challenges and desired outcomes. Here’s a roadmap to guide your decision:

  • Identify Pain Points: Analyze your current S2P processes and pinpoint areas where inefficiency, errors, or lack of visibility pose challenges.
  • Align with Business Goals: Consider how Esker can support your broader business objectives, such as improving cash flow or strengthening supplier relationships.
  • Scalability: Choose a solution that can grow with your business and adapt to evolving needs.

Implementation Considerations for a Smooth Transition

Transitioning to Esker requires careful planning and execution. Here are some key considerations:

  • Data Migration: Develop a strategy for seamlessly migrating existing data (invoices, purchase orders) to the Esker platform.
  • Change Management: Effectively communicate the benefits of Esker to employees and provide comprehensive training to ensure user adoption.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Ensure compatibility and seamless integration between Esker and your existing ERP or accounting software.

The Future of Esker and S2P Automation

Esker continues to innovate and evolve, paving the way for the future of S2P automation. Here’s a look at what lies ahead:

  • Advanced AI and ML: Enhanced AI capabilities will further improve data extraction accuracy, automate more complex tasks, and provide deeper insights into spending patterns.
  • Cognitive Automation: Esker might integrate cognitive automation technologies to learn user behavior and preferences, further streamlining workflows.
  • Blockchain Integration: Blockchain technology has the potential to enhance security, transparency, and traceability throughout the S2P process.


Esker’s cloud-based platform empowers businesses to transform their S2P operations, driving efficiency, visibility, and control. By implementing Esker solutions, businesses can achieve faster invoice processing, reduce costs, improve supplier relationships, and gain valuable insights for smarter financial decision-making. As Esker continues to evolve with cutting-edge technologies, it remains a powerful tool for businesses seeking to optimize their financial operations and navigate the

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